Golf Polo Shirts

Hey, golf devotees! Everyone can be a scratch golfer - with a personalized custom golf shirt designed -from scratch- just for you! We're about getting all the elements right too...let us help you frame your shot in instagram upworthy Aloha style. First-class, personalized service is par for the course at 'Custom Hawaiian Shirts'.

Choosing between our fabulous design range is like trying to bouce a ball on your wedge and catch it. We'd recommend going with the birdies...

Slice it, chip, not golf - our pineapple party and groovy grapefruit designs!

High-quality fabrics and the finest seam finishes...mean you're already exquisitely framed before you line up your shot.

We can add your logo and graphics of your choice. Add shorts, bucket hats or even pet/human bandanas to dress everyone for your club and merch.

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